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How To Keep Routines While Traveling - Tips For Travel Workouts And More

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Traveling gives you a lot of freedom which is great! However this can sometimes make it a bit challenging to stick to your routines.

That's why I give you some valuable tips that hopefully help you sticking to your daily routines - may it be working out, meditating or cooking...

Table of Contents:

  1. Finding Quiet Space

  2. Workout & Exercise Routine

  3. Meditation & Yoga Routine

  4. Cooking Routine

  5. General Tips

1. Finding Quiet Space

Most of our routines require some quiet space in order to do them. While traveling, especially in hostels, it can be difficult to find that.

Normally, there are only communal spaces and if you didn't book a private room, there is no real privacy. Or is it...?

I've traveled for several years in hostels and while doing that it is essential for me to find some private space. Not only to stick to my routines, but also for my own health and well-being. Otherwise I'm constantly involved with other people and never get a still moment for myself...

So no matter what you want to do, having some time for yourself is essential while traveling!

For writing on my blog I often go to a nearby cafe where I am undisturbed, so I can work with full focus. If it's a quiet hostel, I sometimes work there, too.

There are more things which require some personal space or an untroubled moment. So let's go into it...

2. Workout & Exercise

Travel Workout

I don't know how committed you are to your workout routine. If you're normally going to the gym five times a week, doing that while backpacking is gonna be a challenge, but not impossible.

You can find gyms normally in any bigger city. Sometimes they might be more basic than what you're used to. If you want to stick to gyms, you definitely have to make it a priority which means not staying for too long in remote areas.

Staying fit

I don't go to the gym, neither at home nor while traveling. Still, I manage to stay in shape.

I exercise regularly, mostly doing classic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups or planks. Sometimes you need to get a little creative. Here I'm doing some shoulder stretches on a tree trunk.

What I can recommend the most to stay flexible and building some strength while traveling are elastic bands!

While weighing almost nothing and not needing any space you can do a small workout anywhere - wether you're at the beach or in a small mountain village.

3. Meditation & Yoga


I meditate every morning. No matter if I'm sleeping in a 16-bed dorm or if I catch a flight at 5 am. So, doing that can be a little challenging sometimes.

Here are some tips how you can do you meditate peacefully in busy environments:

1. Waking Up Early

Most likely any common area of a hostel which is busy during the day is completely empty at 6 am.

Hence, waking up early gives you a great advantage if you're looking for a peaceful meditation.

I don't manage to wake up early every day, though. So, here are some more tips...

2. Avoiding Big Cities

In the middle of Bangkok it will be harder to find a quiet spot than in a small fisher village at the beach. So, sticking to small towns and nature helps a lot.

In these places you can just go outside the hostel and often find a little park in close walking distance. When I stay close to the ocean, the beach always offers a quiet spot for me as well.

Still, you might want (and need) to go to some major cities. Then you should make sure to book a hostel with lots of communal space, because outside of the hostel it will be hard to find a good spot.

3. Booking The Right Accommodation

In general the type of your accommodation has a great impact on your privacy.

In a party hostel it will be harder to find quiet time than in a yoga retreat. Seems obvious, but many people overlook that fact when making their booking.

I highly recommend to book via Hostelworld. You can find affordable accommodation and know beforehand what to expect. There are many reviews from other travelers, so you easily find out the vibe of the hostel.


Basically, the same tips apply to doing yoga while traveling.

If you're looking for yoga classes and similar events, it is beneficial to go to more alternative touristic places. What do I mean by that?

Well, usually like-minded people gather together. Although yoga is more and more popular in Western societies, often it hasn't arrived on the main tourist track. So, the best way to find out about these alternative locations is by asking other people, preferably the ones you think are into that.

4. Cooking

Being on the road it can sometimes be hard to find all the ingredients for a healthy meal.

Well, here are some tips to stick to your cooking practices:

1. Looking for a proper kitchen

When choosing accommodation, make sure it has a nice well-equipped kitchen. This is one of the most important prerequisites for me when looking for a hostel.

Joining with other people from the hostel to make a big communal meal is one of the most fun things you can do!

2. Buying Food In Advance

In many countries you will only find proper supermarkets in bigger cities. So, before going to a remote area, it might be worth to buy some groceries in advance. Of course, in every corner of the world, you will get food. It just might be of less variety and more expensive.

Smaller villages often have local markets where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables for little money. It is also a great opportunity to dive into the local culture.

3. Being Creative

Traveling enhances creativity! Especially when it comes to food and cooking...

Sometimes you can make an awesome dish out of the hostel free food shelf. Or you can mix the leftovers from you and some other people to make a delicious meal.

In hostels people from all over the world come together, so maybe they will inspire you on cooking something new. The possibilities are endless ;)

If you have special dietary requirements like gluten-free or vegan, it can be extra hard while traveling. What always works is buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the local markets. They are nutritious, tasty, and affordable.


If your accommodation has a blender, you can make the most delicious smoothies and iced drinks! If you get fruits from the local market, it doesn't cost much either.

(In this case my friend Moe was taking the blender to the hostel next to us since our hostel was out of power that day)

5. General Tips

No matter if traveling or being at home, keeping your routines can be a difficult thing!

What helped me a lot to stick with my routines and build new ones is the book Atomic Habits.

James Clear gives a lot of useful insights and tips to create new powerful habits and stick to them.

I want to mention one of them which I could successfully implement in my day:

Habit stacking

That basically means connecting one habit you already have with a new one you want to implement.

So, when I brush my teeth in the evening, I always think of one special moment that day I’m truly grateful for and relive it in my mind. I never forget it since I never forget to brush my teeth. Connecting a habit that you already have with one you want to develop is really powerful, so give it a try.

Morning routine

Having a morning routine is the most powerful and beneficial habit I've created so far.

It is all about taking time for myself and getting ready for the day. Among other things my morning routine consists of meditating, stretching and Wim-Hof-Breathing.

I always take the time to do that and it gets me focused for the day.


I hope these tips are helping you stick to your routines while you're on the road. In the end "a slight change in your daily habits can guide your life to a different destination." - James Clear

Safe travels and keep up your routines!!

Info: In this post there are some affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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